Otter Trail Safety?

Hi Everyone
I am looking at booking for the Otter Trail in 2021. Is crime an issue on this hike?

Hi Kirst
Crime on the Otter trail isn’t really an issue to date - the same cant be said for the vehicles left at the car parks make sure they’re empty.
What issues there are are environmental crimes where people litter like maniacs.

Take a set of ear plugs for sleeping soundly at night!

When you book it - look at the tide times you want to hit the fourth day with Low tide at around midday ish.

In future Im booking at New moon so theres no light disturbance of the night sky.



Left my car for the week at Wild spirit backpackers, they shuttled me to the beginning of the otter trail and picked me up at the end. Currently you have to take a tent, but they supply mattress. It was still worth the hike. I will definitely do the otter again.

Should be fine. Crime usually associated with proximity to human habitat.
Cars are left at SANPARKS Stormsriver and De Vasselot (Nature’s Valley) rest camps, as scubafrique mentions leave nothing visible…the usual story. But they’ll be safe there.

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Never encountered another soul on the hike 2 weeks ago.