Otter Trail - seeking 2 x tickets PLS!

Hi fellow earthtrotters :wave:t3: My husband and I (easy-going, well-travelled mid-thirties couple) are looking for 2 x open places on the Otter Trail; hoping there may be some spares tickets available. We are flexible on dates; most dates between end of March and July 2020 would suit, but the closer the bettter. Please let me know if you know of any availability! Thanking you kindly.

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You can check availability here (just fill in a date range from now to say end-July). There are for instance 8 spots open on 16 March; and 2 spots open for each of 17 May and 18 May. Spots often open up on short notice as late cancellations happen.


Hi Natalie - if youโ€™re still interested in doing Otter end of March you can contact me via email - uysmari@yahoo.com๐Ÿ‘Œ

Hi. Thanks Marie. Iโ€™ve sent you an email. :grin:

Thanks @WillemB