Outeniqua hiking trail & day

Suggestions on size backpack men and lady for 5 day hike on Outeniqua. Type of food doing hike in April 2021 already booked

HI Gerrit. I assume you will do it unsupported and therefore will have to carry food, clothing and sleeping gear for the 5 days. There are of course a few variables involved, like your size (do you wear size M or XL clothing) and what is your eating philosophy (as light as possible or are you OK with carrying some extra weight)?
Basic parameter is that your pack should weigh around 20% to 25% of your body weight; max 30% if you’re fit and strong.
With that in mind, I would suggest a 75l pack for the average male and 55l to 60l for the average female, for 5-day hikes. It’s preferable to have a big enough pack to fit everything inside.
HSA’s ticklist gives some basic food ideas:

And part 3 of this series discusses some ideas to make meals a bit more interesting and tasty:

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