Over night hiking table mountain

Hello All

  1. Would it be safe to do an over night hike on table mountain in a tent?

  2. Would it be safe to leave a car at Sir Louries pass and do a multi day hike towards Francioshook pass and back? Is there an alternative place to leave a car?

  3. If not any alternatives for single person?



Barry Eish!

you know it’s not safe to leave your car unattended anywhere in SA overnight.
you know that overnight hiking is not permitted in any South African National park unless it’s a Park sanctioned activity
sorry to be “that guy” but seeking affirmation to hkje alone in the mountains isn’t going to be met with approval by anyone who values their credibility.
Mountain rescue pull off too many bodies and there’s too many rescues by WSAR from people who’ve been able to get someone to source help.


Very sad!

  1. Nope no tenting allowed on Table Mountain
  2. No Sir Lowries Pass is about 5km away from where I live, your car will be gone the next morning. Rather Uber from Somerset West or Gordons Bay
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