Overberg/ Overstrand dog friendly hikes

Hi there, moved to the Overstrand area and looking for awesome, and challenging day hikes in Overstrand/ Overberg area where dogs are allowed please. I know of Fernkloof, so anything else anyone can suggest would be great. My partner and I and our 2 dogs were in the mountains every weekend for the past 4 years in Cape Town so use to Silvermines and TB National Park etc. Any suggestions would be great, thanks! Tanya

Hi TanyavT
We regularly go for weekends away to Kleinmond and there are very nice hikes around Kleinmond. The Three Sisters and Jeans Hill hike up the mountain is a nice one and if you descent to the back you can continue to Perdekop and go down to Hanneshoek which is beautiful hiking. The trail along Palmiet river to town next to the ocean is also nice.

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Super, thank you! Yes I’ve heard about those and they seem great. Do you perhaps know if they allow dogs there? Will definitely check them out though.

I have never specifically asked the question but there are no permits necessary and I have seen plenty of people walking their dogs on those trails so I am sure it is not a problem.

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Great! :+1:t5:

hi Tanya. I grew up in Hermanus so know the area well. There is a new regulation prohibiting dogs from being off-lead in the Overstrand municipality, but this doesnt seem to be a major issue on the trails. Here are some options:

  1. The cliff path - it runs all the way from the New Harbour to Grotto Beach (with a slight detour here and there). You can do the whole thing or in sections, in both directions.
  2. The Hemel en Aarde MTB trails - not sure if you need a permit to walk your dog here but I know of many people that take their dogs for a walk/run on the trails with no issue
  3. Fernkloof - they recently put up signs prohibiting dogs on certain of the trails but not all of them. This is only an issue if you start at the official Fernkloof reception - the trails however traverse the length of Hermanus so you can make up your own routes without going to Fernkloof itself. (e.g. at the end of Bergweg in town, above the high school/old boys club, and also at the end of 7th avenue in Voelklip). You can also link the lower contour paths with the road on top of the mountain (rotary way) for a loop with a bit of elevation. Check out the app Maps.ME for most of the trails.
    4.) Vermont - Onrus - Sandbaai coastal path
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Hi there, I actually took an amazing hike on Sunday via the 7th Avenue entrance to the nature reserve. Saw very few people and only one other dog. Will check out Maps.Me thanks for that.

Being visiting the area for more than 10 years so know the Cliff Path and coastal path very well, thanks.

Looking forward to more Fernkloof exploring.

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