Overnight - boland

Anyone recently done Jonkershoek over to Landroshut? Is this route still open/accessible?

I went up Kurktrekkersnek and through Boegoekloof to Landdroskop Hut and the path were still very accessible. We did not sleep at the hut so you will have to make special arrangements for the hut.

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Aaah thats great news. Thanks Douwe. Will book the hut through Cape Nature and post some pics of the route once we’ve done it. Aparently its a stunner

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I did it many years ago and recently did Landroskop hut from Nuweberg. We had to get keys to the hut when we checked in so you might need to ask how/if it will work when you come from Jonkershoek.

Shamrock hut looked like a nicer hut for summer.