Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) 2020 Come and join!

I am set on hiking the PCT in 2020. Planning to start in mid April and finish mid September. If you have not heard about the trail, you really need to go and check it out. You basically start on the Mexican border with the US, hike through California, Oregon and Washington and finish on the Canadian border. It is a 4200 km hike. Looks super amazing!
I would just like to find out if there are any of you guys maybe planning or wanting to do the hike as well in 2020? Would be great to at least start the hike with someone you know a little bit.


Looks incredible! Bucket-list adventure for sure. Won’t be able to do it in 2020 however :frowning:

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I’m also day-dreaming about doing a long thru-hike in the next few years. Don’t know yet what year I’d be able to do it. But happily meet and chat/plan.

Awesome! You can contact me at 082 341 2296 or
I really think you should look at 2020 as the year of your thru-hike. :smile:


Hi Guys,

Hope this finds you all well.

I figured i would hop on here and i would be happy to help anyone who is thinking of doing this. I finished on the 29 August this year and would be wide open to add anything anyone may need.

The journey was recorded on Facebook and Instagram (and i had a website) as i raised money and awareness for childhood cancer here in SA. (6 Million Steps was the campaign name)

Again, i am happy to help!



Hey there. I’m not able to thru hike 2020 but am 100% doing it 2021. Would love to hear your plans and how you are preparing.

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Hey Jolla,

Are you still planning your PCT hike for 2020?
I am considering doing it either next year or 2021.

Yep, only 7 months to go!!

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Yes, it’s my bucket-list dream too! :joy:

Hi Peter Dunn, who walked 6M Steps PCT Trail for Cancer. Hope I’ve found you? We (hubby & I) would love to do PCT when we retire in 15 Years, but have sooo many questions. How can I make contact with you?

My husband & I summitted Cathedral Peak yesterday and I was TERRIFIED and needed a rope tied around me whilst I walked down the chain ladder and was lowered down the rest of the steeper cliff faces in the same manner. Now really worried that doing the PCT Trail won’t be doable. Will I need to summit mountains as terrifying as Cathedral Peak in the Drakensberg to complete the PCT Trail?

…climbed (not walked​:see_no_evil:) backwards down the chain ladder. For those of you equally terrified by this prospect. Although I was TERRIFIED, with the assistance of ropes around my waist to help me back down from my Cathedral Peak summit, Drakensberg Hiker helped me tick this off my bucket list​:+1::+1::+1: