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Howzit everyone,

So i have a planned hike up Rhino peak with a sleep over in Pilar cave in Dec. I planned on using this small pack iv got at home as its only 1 night and dont need to pack much, my issue now is its more of a tactical bag than a hiking pack, and the only thing left not fitting in or on is my sleeping bag, so im looking for some alternatives for a decently priced pack that i could use on 1 - 3 day trips as i do plan on more hiking in the future with a few longer trips.

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Hi Dudley

Everyone’s needs and preferences differ, so there isn’t necessarily a one size fits all approach, especially if you take season and weather into account as well as how compact your gear is. In terms of one night (Rhino peak) trips and even longer such as 1 - 3 day trips I would go for a larger pack that can cover 1 night trips as well as 1 - 3 day trips.

I would recommend a bag in the 38 - 50L range. If gear is more bulky or you are planning winter hiking trips a 55L can also suffice. Osprey, Deuter and Gregory have bags in those volumes, but they are pricey. Another option could be Freedom Ultralight backpacks made in S.A. More budget options could be K-Way and First Ascent.

Thanks for the response Outdoorboy, im going to go have a look at the kway hiker 50+10 this afternoon, I saw its on special.

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I’ve been generally impressed with Naturehikes quality in terms of tents (Have no experience with there packs unfortunately). Their SA store is having a bunch of sales at the moment.

We’ve bought the Cloud Up 3 tent from Naturehike a couple of years ago for Mafadi . It was VERY windy and it snowed. The tent held up well and no leaks. Have used it since in “normal” conditions with no issues. Reasonable quality for the price. I have not bought any other tent in that price range. So it might be good to check with others.