Personal locator beacons

Are locator beacons used in South Africa and if so what is the SAR response to these

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Gavin R from Peak High did a video on this topic a while back. I’ll try find it & link here.

The gist was that some of the eperb-type companies go ‘via the via’ and often are less effective than phoning the local rescue team.

When I was looking at making a purchase I tried gaining info from the two, big companies that sell locator/emergency-beacon/gps-contact systems and neither could give accurate info on the route the information takes; and who ends up dealing with the nuts and so-called bolts of the rescue (let alone historical rescue-successes in the mountains). Left a very poor taste.

I settled on a satphone with important numbers and steps for family to follow should I send them a message…

Edit: here’s the video on the MCSA KZN YT channel (info from about 1hr10’ onwards).
Adventure talk on rescue

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Thanks for the information. There doesn’t seem to be active support for locator beacons so your thoughts to use the MCSA contacts is probably the most effective. May need a sat phone for this.

After watching the video as given above, its clear that locator beacons (the type you use once off and only in an emergency) are more used for sea rescue. Sea Rescue means that the location beacon information is sent to the SA Navy and probably then generally forwarded to the NSRI. That is why the Navy did not know what to do with a beacon signal coming from inland.
SPOT Gen, is a system that costs you a monthly fee, but is backed by an active call centre in America, in that they will continuously phone (quite a few times actually) both the emergency service in your area and your listed next of kin, until something is actively done for the you. They do their job well. My recommendation though would be your next of kin should know all the details, be able to read the GPS position on Google Maps and be able to correspond directly with the MCSA explaining who is in the party and why that if the button is pressed its 99% certain that its a real emergency and help is desperately needed.

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appreciate all the information, thanks.
It has also lead me to have a look at Garmin Inreach as another option so will pursue all these in the new year.

Thanks everyone for the support

Brilliant result to a Garmin inreach SOS activation

As well as a realistic timescale response