Pitching your own tent while hiking

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I enjoy my multi day hikes but I struggle to find hikes in the cape that I can go on and pitch my own tent. Is the Cederberg the only place in the cape that you can pitch your tent while hiking? All the parks in the area provide accommodation but most of them are more than R200 pp. I have a tent and don’t want to spend more money.

Do you guys just pitch tents in places out of vision or are there spots that I am missing?

Hey @bangbang,

Firstly, welcome! As far as I know, the Du Toitskloof mountains and Hex River Mountains are both wilderness areas, i.e. Sleep where you like. I have no personal hiking knowledge of either of those areas (besides climbing in Du Toitskloof), so I’m speaking under correction, but I know you need a tent for the Hex River traverse.

Arno this is possibly exciting news I love the Du Toitskloof area.

Hopefully someone else on the forum could confirm or give me ideas.

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As far as I know you can go pitch your tent in the Groot Winterhoek Wilderness (unfortunately closed till end-2017 due to fire damage)

And then check out reserves on Cape Nature’s website and perhaps contact them to find out if any wild-camping is allowed. Most reserves have dedicated campsites.

I had a chat with Anthony Hall who is well informed on both those areas. Both area have specific access procedures. He said that the easiest way to find out what to do is to contact the Mountain Club of South Africa (MCSA). The number for the Cape Town section is +27 (0)21 465 3412.

I hope this helps. Give us some feedback when you get back :grinning::+1:

@WillemB I know abouth Winterhoek so sad that when I heard about it was already ashes.

I am weary about asking cape nature too many questions. It is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission :grin:

@Arno I will definitely give them a call when I have a chance. Thanks.

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We have done the Groothoekpiek traverse in the Hex River Mountains and there we pitched tents or slept under the stars. So that is also a range pretty close to Cape Town.

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Why not go one better and go for a drive up to KZN and sleep in a cave in the Drakensberg :smiley:

You can pitch your tent basically anywhere in the range (baring within a certain distance of camps, huts, and baring in mind that some camping spots are unsafe).

That is definitely on the to do list but I am more looking for weekend getaways where I can just drop my car off somewhere and hike for a few days.

Hi, yes I think the best thing to do is join the MCSA. Then you’ll get access to many many more areas really close to CT. Also the MCSA has an “understanding” with Cape Nature on areas not covered by their official hiking trails.

Du Toit’s Peak is a fantastic overnight hike. The camping spot at the top is idillic. The club also has property covering the entire Witteberg and Slanghoek areas. And camping up there with your tent is perfect for a quick weekend hike.
More info here: The MCSA – Cape Town Section Access & Properties - The MCSA - Cape Town Section