Portable shower

Ive been hiking since the age of 5 and back in the 90s we got used to cold showers while hiking. As I’m pushing 40 now cold showers are not my fancy anymore and I’m thinking of taking one of those black shower bag gadgets you buy at Macro.

Has anyone had any experience with one of these showers on a hike and is it worth the extra weight.



We’ve taken one along on multi-day hikes a few times and it’s quite a treat.

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Hi Arno

What brand do you have?

Coghlans (Coghlans Camp Shower 20L | Camp And Climb)

Thanks Arno

Figured Id add to this.

Every year I spend a couple of weeks on the two islands off the Langebaan coast - the Pelican watch Conservation project. Theres no running water, no electricity in fact no taps on the island which Is fun!
Essentially you’re marooned there for 7 nights (its awesome)

For showers we have a variety of bags that we’ve used since 2012 and honestly the only one that lasts is the OXtrail one. So I recommend paying a little bit more for that if its in you’re personal capacity.

Also dont fill it up - 3/4 at the most. And a last tip is you can pour in a litre of boiling water if youve had an overcast day. That said even on a sunny day getting the bag out the wind warms it up much quicker, they cool down really quickly in the wind.


Thank you for the tips!!

We did Magoebas the other weekend with complete overcast conditions and the adding of boiled water did the trick.

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Ive used one of those camp showers at all 7 Afrikaburns Ive attended and they’re awesome, I fill it up with cold water and then add 2 litres boiling water, temp is perfect.

Ive carried it on 1 hike and it was very cumbersome, but still worth it.

Been doing loads of research and watching YouTube videos and this is the one I want to buy next for packing into an overnight backpack

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I have this and have converted it into a gravity feed water filter. (I dont get the feeling it will last a year backpacking 5 long trails)
I removed the shower rose and fitted a sawyer quick disconnect coupling - the other end I fitted to a Sawyer Mini filter and then to a 1m hose to create suction.

My next task is to glue the shower rose to the other side of the Quick disconnect so I can change it between shower and water filter.

Anything vehicle based I think the cheap plastic ones will last longer.

That said, I am planning on converting a Cheap 8L dry bag (Maxed brand) with an inner tube nozzle to make my own for 1/2 the price

This sounds awesome, well done.

Please start a thread on converting showers and post pics as you go along when you get the chance, many thanx