Premature Tekkie Death: pls advise

I think it’s my Achilles Heel.

All my trail runners start shredding behind my heels long before the tread or upper gives. Clever sales folks tell me it’s the way I take them off, namely “Left toe pushed down on back of right heel with laces still tight and foot tugged out”. But this not the case. I even use a shoe horn.

So, does anyone know of a ‘hack’ or some nifty tape that won’t turn into a sticky gloop once wet?

See image below…(thanks in advance)

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Hey Carl

I permanently remove my running shoes as they said not to do it :rofl:…and never had this issue before.

You could try some wetsuit glue or Aquaseal…it dries to a very flexible water resistant layer. I have used it on numerous diving BCD’s and gear repairs and it has held up.

Just make sure you apply a thin layer without any prominent ridges, as this might lead to some undesirable chafing.

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@Vivo101 thanks for the tips!