Putting on my boots

…and joining this forum.

I really like this idea. I love taking photos while I’m out and about and really want to get more into hiking. Maybe I’ll share some pics!

And before you ask: I own a Nikon, Canon and Panasonic :smiley:


Welcome Scout! Feel free to share your best pics. I also love capturing beautiful scenes on our hikes. We also have an instagram account @hiking.southafrica where we love to showcase the best South African hiking photos. Tag your instagram pics with #hikingsouthafrica to get featured :wink::+1:

Will do!

Do you guys have Tapatalk support yet?

Nope, not yet. Chrome does allow desktop notifications though. I know this is quite limited, but better than nothing for now. The Tapatalk question has been asked before for this forum platform (Discourse), so I’m hoping the developers will implement it eventually.