Rain Jacket/Coat

Hi Everyone,

I’ve recently returned from a rainy hike! I realized after that I definitely need a proper rain jacket.

I’ve looked around on the forum, and found some references to some K-Way rain jackets for sale…sadly, it seems that they’ve been discontinued.

Does anyone have some suggestions, or places I might have overlooked?

Thanks in advance!

Check out the First Ascent Hurricane jacket (https://www.firstascent.co.za/mens-hurricane-jacket) and the Black Diamond Stormline (https://www.rammountain.co.za/product/black-diamond-mens-stormline-stretch-rain-shell/)

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Hi Splicer, whatever you buy, see if you can find something with a high breathability factor. Something that doesn’t breathe will cause you to sweat, which will cool you down when the wind pics up. This can easily lead to hypothermia (which happened to me on my first Drakensberg hike). Less of an issue at lower altitudes, but moisture management is probably one of the most important issues in alpine environments.

I tend to sweat a lot when I work hard so this is super important to me. I use a Mountain hardware plasmic hardshell with an E-vent liner. Goretex liners are also very good, not quite as breathable but more hard wearing. This is probably the one piece of gear I would spend the most money on. Ok, maybe boots as well. And tents. And packs…:grin:


I picked up a Black Diamond Stormline from Drifters the other day, haven’t had a huge amount of time to put it through the paces yet, but it handled a rainy and snowy morning on top of Table Mountain perfectly. Stood up well to the rain and felt fairly breathable plus ticked all the boxes I wanted (Pitzips, adjustable cuffs, hand pockets and a structured hood). Packs fairly small into its own pocket, and not too hefty (Apparently 290g).

Can’t comment on longevity, but it feels well put together and the seam sealing is all spot on. My only issues were the rainproof zip itself feeling a little finicky, and the hand pockets being bonded to the jacket surface. Had forgotten my gloves and wasn’t so happy I couldn’t get my very cold hands into the pockets of my down under the rainjacket.

I also bought it at the drifters store only to spot later that it was like R300 cheaper on their website :frowning:

Thanks for all the suggestions!

I ended up buying Highlander Stow + Go Jacket (https://www.campandclimb.co.za/products?id=10317) in Charcoal without breaking the bank :slight_smile:


Hadn’t spotted those before. That’s actually a lot of functionality for a really great price! The back vent is a nice feature in particular. Throw in an update sometime about how it turns out, would be great to hear.


Here’s an update: It still works great. It was perfect for me as I already have a light down jacket that I use - all it needed was to be waterproof :slight_smile:

This has been great for both winter and summer hikes, the hood is quite large, so it covers everything :stuck_out_tongue:

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Worse case scenario always carry a black bin liner with you. Weighs a few grams and you can easily cut holes for head and arms and it will cover your backpack.
Yes there will be trickles of rain running down your back but at least you aren’t getting drenched.
(getting sopping wet adds kgs to your clothing & backpack and just makes life miserable)
I for one do not like the scent of those black bags so I always have a Clear one in my backpack (the sort for recycling) and it smells like nothing. Haven’t used it yet, but at least it is there for an emergency

I recently got my hands on the Black Diamond Stormline rain jacket. Hands down the most comfortable rain jacket I’ve worn (same goes for the rain pants) - they somehow got it right to add stretch to the water resistant fabric… amazeballs! I’ll report back in a few months after some abuse :wink::+1:


The K-Way Rainstorm jacket is currently on sale for R800