Rechargeable LED head Lamp

Hi everyone

I’m looking to replace my battery operated headlamp with a rechargeable LED headlamp.

I’m looking for one that charges via USB, powerbank and batteries as a back up. Does anyone have any suggestions on which brand and model I can perhaps look at.

I will use it for multiday trail >5 days and for trail running at night.

HI Kareemah

I have a new gen Petzl Tikka 200 (hybrid) which fits your description 100%. Very happy with it but still early days; my biggest concern is that the body is not the sturdiest (which seems to be the norm to save weight) so one has to take care with it. Also priced well, but note that the rechargeable battery is purchased separately.

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I’ve been using a Nitecore NU25 for a couple of months now, very impressed so far. Light, rechargeable and has controls that I don’t struggle to remember. I moved from a Black Diamond Spot, which was great for the light level and having a side touch control that turned it all the way up in a single tap. But I felt it ate batteries, I could never remeber all the touch codes to get it into the other modes with it’s single button, and I picked one up as a gift for someone and had the side clip break the moment they tried to open it :thinking:

The NU25 has been great for hiking so far, love that I can also easily get to a red lightmode with a separate button press. Means the bugs leave you alone while cooking. Hard to say how sturdy it is, as it is very light, and I don’t trail run so can’t speak to the beam and comfort for that. It seems to have a pretty good rep with through hikers in the states, my only issue has been that I had to get one off Amazon.

Maybe the Black Diamond Re-Volt? Not cheap but I know a lot of people swear by them, IPX rating and rechargeable with serious light output. Just a bit heavy.

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I can highly recommend the Zartek ZA-436 Heavy Duty LED Headlamp. Really affordable. Can be bought on TakeAlot. It is a little heavier than some but the battery life is exceptional and it is very bright with many light levels.

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Hi there

Thanks for the advice guys. I’ve narrowed my search to the following headlamps.I like the fact that the Petzl has a dual charging facility, so it work with AAA batteries as a back up.


I’ve got the Petzl Actik and have been very happy with it so far. I haven’t used the rechargeable battery but normal batteries seem to last quite long as well.

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I also have the Petzl Actik, you can buy extra rechargeable batteries for it, use AAA, and you can get a case that turns it into a lamp (which I fit my extra battery into.

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