Resupply points for drakensburg grand traverse

Hello, I’m planning on hiking the drakensburg grand traverse with some friends at some point, from sentinel peak down to thamathu pass.
We are looking at roughly 21 days and are wondering if anyone knows of shops off the trail (we are willing to walk a fair amount to reach them) that we could resupply our food at?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you :slight_smile:

At Sani there are some very limited shops, or you can catch a taxi into Mokhotlong from Sani, but aside from that you’ll have to go a long way off route to get anything.

The easiest option would be to hike down to the nearest Ezemvelo offices and have a friend meet you there with whatever you need. Or to have the friends hike up one of he passes to get the resupply to you. You can also hire mountain guides to do this. Didima and Giants Castle are both great spots for this as both have easy passes to offices with a well supplied shop and easy road access. E.g. you can use Camel Pass to get to Didima or Langalibalele to get to Giants.

@Ruth lives close by and she will know of a resupply point.

What @Ghaznavid said is correct. Just keep in mind that “easy” passes are still big mountain passes.