Road to sentinel car park : update …

Anyone been up to the car park recently? Wondering if any work has been done on the road ? Going back end of the month logistics would be waay easier if I could drive a quantum all the way to the car park.

Any recent info would be greatly appreciated.

Nope. The “road” up to the carpark is still horrendous. I Really wouldn’t want to take a quantum all the way up. Witsieshoek “shuttle” is unfortunately the best option.


Unfortunately, Witsiehoek is responsible for the road, and makes a lot of money with the shuttle, as such won’t repair the road. If you have a high clearance vehicle, you can get through but a 4x4 is recommended.
Personally the greed of the Witsieshoek owners is beyond comment. They blame the Freestate government, but the Freestate government has given the concession to Witsieshoek.

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