Road to Sentinel car park

Hi. I’m going to the Drakensberg next week and want to do a day trip to the top of the Tugela Falls via the Sentinel car park.Has anyone driven the road from Witzieshoek to the car park recently? Can it be done in an ordinary sedan? I did the trip many years ago in a small car and it was hairy, but doable.

I was last there in Feb last year - at the time it was barely drivable in a 4X4. I last drove a sedan up there about 5 years ago, I wouldn’t even try now.

Hi! We were there about 2 weeks ago. Wouldn’t try it with a sedan. Ask the hotel for a lift.

I am heading up on 21 Oct. I chatted to hotel this week they say its accessible by 2x4.
October 2019 was last time i was there and made it there with a loaded Toyota Quantum and some driver skillz! But i have heard reports of needing low range 4wd to access it earlier this year.
Please report back after your trip would love to hear.

I’m heading there on Thursday or Friday weather permitting. Will report back.

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Hi I agree with the other replies. I was there last September and definitely not doable in a sedan .Ask the hotel for a lift

We were there in April 2021 and would recommend that you book the shuttle service. No hassles it was fast and you give them a call 30 min before you are back and they fetch you.
Would not recommend using your sedan.

So our trip to Sentinel fell through due to weather concerns, just stayed around the Champagne Castle area. So I can’t report back on the road to the car park, but everybody I spoke to said take the shuttle.

I will be up next weekend. But a mate was up last weekend and sent these pics. He said 4 sections like this where clearance is essential. If dry a 2x4 with clearance will be fine.

Drove up this weekend in a Hilux needed low range and clearance to get there 100%.
Would not chance it in any vehicle with less clearance than a stock Hilux worst iv ever seen the road and the rain has only just begun.
The hotel shuttle now uses a Land Cruiser.