Rwanqa Cave, Mweni

Has anyone here hiked to or stayed in Rwanqa cave in the Mweni area of the Berg? Would be very grateful for any photos of the cave, and any info about how many people it sleeps (and how the views are, in particular compared with Fangs Cave). How far down is it from the escarpment, and is it feasible to get to from the base of Fangs Pass in a day?

Hi Daniel

Have you been to this site…Vertical Endeavour?
Here’s a link, I typed in Rwanqa Cave in the Search box and a few hits arose.


I’m guessing a bit of digging here may supply answers. Sadly, I cannot.
Hope it helps.

Hi Carl,

Thank you for the tips! I had indeed been on Vertical Endeavour, though I could also only see that photo - no description. I’ll also post my query there (and share anything I happen to learn here as well)

Found it! The following is taken from a Vertical Endeavours thread

"In my mind, Rwanqa Cave is in the category of little known Berg caves that are typically not documented properly. I particularly enjoy looking for them. I’ve had one of the older Mweni Guides explain to me that, even after doing Rwanqa Pass several times, he had never come across the cave.

My own measurements indicate its altitude to be 2741m, with the top of the pass being 3088m. It certainly is a deep, well-sheltered tunnel, and pretty big. The big pity is that in its current state it can only sleep an estimated 3 people. The first half is sloping ground, and after that one would have to move big boulders out the way. So while it certainly has the potential to accommodate several people, it would require some labour. While its location roughly corresponds with what is suggested on the maps, it cannot accommodate 12 people as indicated. Not sure if that error originates from an intention to convey the size of the cave."

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You planning a trip soon? We’re stuck in the 'Teng, no chance of inter-provincial travel any day soon. Perhaps we’ll see interstellar travel sooner?

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