Safety on Northern Drakensberg Traverse

Hi All,

Thank you for your help in advance.

My husband and I are experienced hikers. I am also a fairly descent trail runner and he has been rock climbing throughout his life. We usually hike with a Sat Phone and a GPS.

We have done quite a few hikes together and would love to do the Northern Drakensberg Traverse in Oct this year.

However, we wanted to enquire regarding the safety. After reading some reports on robberies we are concerned.

We prefer to hike as just the two of us, as it gives us time away from the kids to reconnect and spend time in nature.

What is the general consensus on the NDT and is it safe to do as a couple?

Thank you,


There are no guarantees in life, but I’ve hiked the different components of the route many times, plus done the NHT in a day before - and never had any serious issues. The main issues are usually around the Kubedu or camping on top of the Amphitheatre - so if you are taking the speed line, just make sure you push through that section on day 1. Then again a team was attacked by the top of Fangs Pass, so you never know - that attack came as a surprise to many of us.

Drakensberg attacks are rare, but they do happen. Just follow all the standard safety precautions and you can mitigate your risks as much as possible. But living in fear doesn’t make sense.