Safety on Rhino Peak

Hi everyone, my hubby and I are planning a trip up Rhino Peak, but I have concerns about the safety of camping up there overnight. Does anyone have experience with the locals up there?

Separate issue:

If you want to strart the Rhino Peak at ± 04h00, how do you sign the trail register? I assume the gate is also closed at that time.

The mountain register is outside the building, so that isn’t an issue. The trick is to either stay at the campsite or Swiman Hut so that you are on the other side of the gate. Also make sure you sort out your hiking permit beforehand as the office only opens at 8.

Thanks for the response. Is the hiking permit a new thing? Is it only available at the office?

Just to be clear - are we both talking about the Drakensberg Rhino Peak?

Hiking permits have been required at all KZN Drakensberg venues for a very long time. If you stay at the Ezemvelo campsites, chalets (not that Garden Castle has chalets) or huts - you don’t need one though.

You buy them at reception. It’s usually about R45 per person, I can’t remember the current cost of a day permit. Garden Castle ones can only be bought at the office, which is open from 8 to 3:30 every day.

At Giants Castle or Injisuthi you can book mountain huts or caves online (which are also the same price as hiking permits), which means you can pay for hiking permits and thus don’t have to worry about office hours. If you pay for a cave or mountain hut, you don’t also have to pay for a hiking permit.

Yes, Drakensberg Rhino Peak.

I last hiked there >10 years ago; I don’t remember the hiking permit. Maybe entrance fee? I suppose the terms are interchangeable.

Very useful info. Thanks once again.