Sawyer Squeeze | WANTED TO BUY

Hey hikers,

I’m looking to buy a sawyer squeeze (not the mini or the micro, but the big guy). Does anyone have one they’re selling?


Hi Claire,
Did you find a Sawyer Squeeze?

I didn’t unfortunately, but I did see these Salomon Soft Flask Filter items that might be a great lightweight alternative.

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These work well

The squeeze is great, nice and robust and quite a bit quicker than most. Amazon will deliver them here if that’s of any help.

Not the cheapest, but an option.

Thank you!

I used to use one of these, but found it painfully slow (maybe I’m just impatient!) :slight_smile:

My experience with speed has been

  1. Katadyn Befree
  2. Platypus Quickdraw
  3. Sawyer Squeeze
  4. Sawyer Micro

From fastest to slowest.

In terms of water safety the Sawyer Squeeze still wins out technically (data for that if you like super indepth analaysis).

The Befree makes sense as a casual quick personal filter, it’s light and quick but needs a specific bottle. The squeeze has been the most versatile to me, faster than the micro, connects to most bottle and with a a coupler can be used in a gravity setup or field backflushed.

The quickdraw is probably the nicest middle ground. As quick as the squeeze but a little easier to use as a package. But lacks the flexibility of easily converting into a gravity feed setup and technically a little lower in the ranks in term of protection.

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