Sleeping Pad Leak Repair

Hi there

I have Kway self inflating pad that leaks on the top edge against the seam

its not a puncture but rather along where the two pieces of material are bonded

can some one suggest how to repair this leak?

I’ve tried repairing a leaking seam on a mattresses with contact adhesive, which I have much experience using and it didn’t work very well. I would imagine seam sealer is what you really need, they normally give a repair kit with seam sealer with the mattresses when you buy them new or you can buy tubes of it on it’s own.

But wait I just remembered K-Way/Cape Union Mart have a lifetime warranty on their goods, no questions asked/no invoice needed, I’ve used it before on an old sleeping bag that came undone and they fixed it for free.

I’d try taking it back to Cape Union Mart as your first step and see what they say.

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You might find that if it is two pieces of face fabric splitting that you can rebond them with heat from an iron. People do this to shorten sleeping pads and I have seen comments on good success with it.

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