Sleeping Pad Recommendations


Does anyone know where I can buy the Therm a Rest Zlite sleeping pad?

Or any other off brand alternatives.

How does the Kway inflatable sleeping pads compare the Therm a rest Neoair xlite? They look essentially the same and it feels pretty comfy.

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You can get the Z-Lite pad from Mountain Mail Order:

Check out the JR Gear Insulated Traverse Core Insulated Mat. It’s comfy with a high R-rating and combined with the Dry Pump dry bag, inflation is effortless.

You can also grab one from Naturehike. I’ve been using one of theirs cut down to 10 panels with no complaints.

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I had one of these on order but it wouldnt have arrived on time… i ended up taking the trek 700 from Decathlon. Im sure it will work just fine.