Sneeuberg summit routes

Hi guys

Heading up to Cedeberg next weekend and was wondering if any of you could share some advice on getting to the top of Sneeuberg from the overnight hut. I’ve heard there are a few options so any tips or maps on the one you recommend would be amazing! Cheers

Hey Bruce
I guess there’s any number of ways to get to the shoulder of the mountain (below the final cliffs), but from thereon one should aim for the summit from the east side, following the cairns. There are a few easy scrambles / chimneys towards the end; there are also cairns leading to ledges where one can sleep over (so beware to not go “off-route” by following cairns to camping spots). You should never have to do something dangerous to get to the top.
Overall I’ll suggest just doing the standard route: from the hut follow the trail eastward (toward the maltese cross); as you approach the the eastern end of the mountain you will find a clear path splitting off the main trail up a gulley, going up to the mountain’s shoulder - follow that and then the cairns to the top.

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