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We are headed out to summit Sneeuberg and I was wondering if anyone has some info for me with regards to the path, water availability near the start or on the way to the summit? Also if it is possible, weather dependant if one can sleep up on the mountain in stead of having to hike back down. I do not know a lot of people who’s done this route so struggling to find info.

I also see two route options leading up to the summit so if anyone maybe has a gpx file, that would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!

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Once you turn off the main trail (between Sneeuberg Hut and Maltese Cross), there is no more water. There’s usually a dependable stream about 100m towards Sneeuberg Hut along the main trail.

If you do plan to sleep on the ledge below the summit, you’ll have to carry all the water you would need for cooking and drinking until you return to the trail.

I don’t think a gpx file will be of much use at the top, because of the steepness and narrowness of the peak. There are well placed cairns, so if you keep an eye out for those, you should be fine.

Stating the obvious, but it can get quite technical at the top (Grade B+/C scrambling), so if you’re not 100% okay with heights or capable on technical terrain, you should either give it a miss, or go with someone who has done it before and can assist you through the more technical parts.

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Thanks so much for the info @Arno :slight_smile: Much appreciated.

We will definitely make a call on the last scramble but we think we will be able to handle it.

Thanks for the water tip as well. Will make sure we fill up before starting the trail up.


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Ha for a minute I thought you were referring to the Sneeuberg in the Karoo near Graaf Reinet.

I was going to point out that its private land on the South side (I think the whole range) and there is at least one farm there with Lions on it… (I worked there as a ranger in the 90’s) Vreking cold too.

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No wild-camping with lions for me :smiley: