Snow hunting

Hi guys,

Moving temporarily to Cape Town and was hoping to go do some snow hunting when the next front hits.
Any recommendations for day hikes to go see (and play) in some snow?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Robert, your closest snowfall might be Table Mountain if you are lucky :slight_smile:
Otherwise, options you might consider are Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve(Franschhoek) or then Matroosberg (Ceres).
There are other areas but these would be the most ‘convenient’.

Enjoy your stay!

Hi Robert

Matroosberg and the area near the top of Gydo Pass (north of Ceres) are the most likely places for proper snow in any snow event i.e. if it snows at all, they will definitely get. As Stu said, Mont Rochelle is really good (although can get quite crowded) and they usually post if there is snow around on their Facebook page. Jonkershoek Nature Reserve is also good but you will probably have to do a full day’s hike up to one of the higher peaks like Victoria Peak or Somerset Sneeukop to reach the snow line.

Enjoy :snowman:

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Thanks Stu, yeah I am quite familiar with these spots as they always pop-up when doing a quick scope haha
What interests me is the less “convenient” ones if you know of any?

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Thanks Wooshness! I’m looking for a longer/full day hike, so Jonkers seems like a good option

Any hike to a peak of above 1500-1600m should be worth putting on the list. Peaks below that altitude, the snow usually melts within 12 hours. Or something like that.

Wait for the front, check the YR.NO forecast for the peak (or one close to it), and go. Ideally no longer than 24-48 hours after snowfall (is dangerous to attempt hiking during rain/snowfall). You learn to read the forecasts to see how long the snow will last (hint: if the forecast shows sunshine but very subzero temps, there might be some snow left).

The only challenge is this: to get to the remote, high peaks usually requires a full days’ hiking.

I will not give too many names, as this is a public forum and I am noticing more and more that information being put on here gets high priority in a Google search, leading to unwanted elements making their arrival. But I will hint that the various MCSA properties around are a great place to start. And the further South / South-East, the bigger chance of the cold fronts making their way onto said peaks. What I mean is, the more Northern peaks like Sneeuberg and Tafelberg in the Cederberg have a high altitude (2000m), but sometimes the cold fronts pass further to the South and miss them.