Some help with kit

Hi. I live in Perth and am doing some research for my brother.

I have done 350km of the Bibbulman track here,and next year my brother will be joining me for the end to end which is 1000km.

Where would be good places for him to shop for good hiking shoes and pack…

Also where do you guys shop for kit? in local shops or online? Im trying to determine if it would be more cost effective for him to buy there or for me to buy here.

Thanks so much…and hopefully i might be able to come over for a lekker hike in South Africa

Hi @Dez, where is your brother based in South Africa? I can highly recommend Drifters and City Rock. Both have shops in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Oh, yeah sorry… he is based in JHB.

also even though he is pretty fit and active… hiking fitness is not quite the same… any suggestions for hiking spots around jhb something with some nice inclines to get used to pack weight.

Best spots close to Joburg for hiking are Klipriviersberg and Suikerbosrand. Both have day trails up to about 15km long, with your typical highveld koppies terrain. A bit further out is the Magaliesberg, where the Rustig trail (13km) is a good option. It ascends to the top of the Magalies ridge so is a good one for some hill training!


That helps a lot…

ooh…some thing else.

What weight do u guys carry on average? say if packing for 5 days worth… with tent and matress…(full kit)

Aim for between 15-20% of your body weight (body weight here meaning ideal, fighting-fit weight). If you do go over, absolutely no more than 30% of your body weight.

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