South Africa hikings

Hi all,

I come from France in December for hiking.
I planned to do Tsitsikamma and Outeniqua trails.
Unfortunately Otter trail is complete.

Do you have tips for me ?



Both the Outeniqua and Tsitsikamma are fantastic - the Outeniqua is truly special!
No real tips that I can think of other than don’t pay to much attention to the Tsitsikamma distance markers - they’re not accurate. Just enjoy the trail :wink::+1:

There are late cancellations on the Otter trail a lot of the time. Keep an eye on the SAN Parks website where they show the booking availability - if you’re lucky you may just get and opening. Highly recommended.


Not many tips, The usual…it will be hot, but the water from the streams along the Tsitsikamma is drinkable. I just asked, we’re doing it in Dec too. Not sure about Outeniqua. The only particular thing I’d wonder about is what are your travel arrangements? Flying into Cape Town? Renting a car? Picking up food/supplies where? The hike is uncomplicated, but we may be able to give tips on plans, if you need?

Thank you for yours answers.

I check the booking availability for the Otter trail.

Carl : I think about using bus ant buying food/supplies in Cape Town.

Hi Michael.

It’s been a long long time since I’ve used public transport. I used to use the buses between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth in the 80’s and early 90’, but not since. the two main companies are Tramslux and Inter-Cape. They will take you town to town at a good rate. But once you’ve arrived you’d still need to get to your destination by car, taxi, etc. Our public transport system is not very organised. Please make sure you don’t arrive in a town/city at night and start walking around looking for options or try walking to your destination, it’s not advisable. I also used to hitchhike all over the country, not anymore. Last time I did was actually in the Plettenberg Bay area, from Harkerville forest (Eden) to Plett, and the little bastard tried some sneaky tricks with me. This was 2012. You might be able to do it but be careful when choosing your lifts, eg cars with black tinted windows, the smell of alchohol, anything that looks dodgy…just walk away man.
Another option might be the Baz Bus, maybe?

Like gas and extra hiking kit can be bought at Drifters or Cape Union Mart (Waterfront). Drifters is more specialized and the staff are knowledgeable. CUM is fine too.

I don’t know your tastes so I’ll just add this…
For dried fruit and nuts you can try Atlas Trading, 104 Wale st (close to Drifters) or any Dischem (large pharmacy), they have good deals and great energy bars, nutritional stuff that’s tasty too.
For dehydrated trail meals I’d recommend The Raw Food Company, good meals, good 1/2/3person portions, good price. Made locally (in CT) so cheaper than imports and portions are better too. We buy over the i-net so maybe just email them and see if they can help. Nice people.
A lot of South Africans love to eat Biltong on hikes. It’s a dried salted spiced red meat, usually beef, high in protein. Delicious and highly addictive. But be warned, this stuff will make you thirsty so eat in small quantities during heat of the day. Try to. I don’t know where in Cape Town is best to buy but try Woolworths, they have neat packages, different styles (little sticks, chunks, powdered, dry, wet, etc). Venison bilting is also good. Try Kudu (koedoe). I like mine dry. The powdered form is also easy to sprinkle on stuff like biscuits with cheese and easier to chew. Try first.
If you like biscuits try ProVita.

So anyway Michael, hope this helps a bit, I’ve just had coffee so gotta run. Good luck.

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Thank you Carl for informations.

I think used Bazbus and purchased fruits and vegetables to the market or Woolworths.