Stainless Steel cup with foldable handle


Been watching a few vids of okes putting together a whole cooking setup in a stanley cooking set cup which I already have (

However for the life of me cannot find the asteel cup with foldable handle into which the stanley cup fit perfectly (apparently the lid also fit on the such cup)
I just looked online though

Anyone did something similar and can suggest a cup that will the stanley cooking cup fit into?
Here is one of the videos I looked at

I’m in Jhb, dont mind to go look for one but hate driving all over and not find what I’m looking for.

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I don’t think the mug is a Stanley product - I can’t find it on their site - but this might do the trick:

Yeah, could find various (dont care about the brand, just size) on amazon, etc.

Was just hoping some local shop got. Guess will end up ordering that way. Thanks!

What height and diameter are you looking for? Alpkit does some pretty cheap Titanium cookware that might fit the bill.