Stainless steel, titanium or blue steel cookware suitable for hiking and where to buy


Hello All

All I am really finding is an option or two on the alpkit site here:

The non-stick stuff does not draw me either but not all of it is non-stick…

I have been trawling a bit on local sites too but I am really not finding much…


Mountain Mail Order (City Rock gear shop) have a shop in Cape Town and Jo’burg, but they also deliver nationally.


Hi all,

I’d like to know what you experienced hikers think of this set?



If all you’re ever planning to cook is 2-minute noodles, then maybe it will be okay, but I think you will end up looking for a bigger pot quite soon. If I were you, I’d rather go for something between 1-1.5L - something like this or this. I have the MSR Alpine 2 pot set and I’ll most likely never replace it.

Other than that, it looks like a great little cookset. If you’re only cooking for yourself, then maybe it’s just right. Stanley makes quality stuff. This guy did a pretty good breakdown of it and he quite likes it:


Thank you Arno, I did look at a larger pot / set, but thinking just for myself, I’ll decide if this will do. Thanks for the review link too.


Our family have been using these aluminium billy sets for years and they have never failed us. Can be used over the fire and also great for all types of hikes as it comes in three sizes and nests perfectly into each other. Only problem is that I have not seen it in South Africa for a very long time.


If it works for you that is great but I would not use aluminium in any place closer to my body than by bicycle frame…just REALLY not good for you.