Summer Swim Route - Western Cape

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

We want to try and do a wildcamp route (2-4 days) somewhere not to far from CT but since it’s summer we were hoping to do a route that has swim spots along the way.

I know the simple answer would be the Garden Route options but they are hutted and we would love to do a wilcamp but for the life of me I can’t think of good possible routes. Wilderness areas: Boosmansbos = water is scarce. Groot Winterhoek = except for Die Hel the rest of the reserve can be touch and go in summer months, though we were there recently and there was an abundance of water along the way. Cederberg, would be our first choice but except for Crystal Pools not sure what multi day to include that has swim spots along the way… :see_no_evil:

Maybe MCSA properties or am I missing something?

If someone has any ideas, would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi Trailhunter, the obvious route that comes to mind is the Witels. I do think you need to be an MCSA member to get access to the route if I am not mistaken but it ticks all your boxes. It is a wonderful route to do in summer. Amazing scenery, wild camping next to the river and swim spots all the way along the route.

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Thanks so much for the response Douwe :slight_smile:

Witels was also mentioned to me last week so I guess it will be the best option. I am a MCSA member, so will read up on the trail a bit more. From what I’ve seen quickly on the internet it looks stunning. Our only problem is, it’s seems it’s recommended to go with someone that has done the route before.

Will definitely be doing more research on this route. Thanks again!

Groot Winterhoek rivers are perennial, and hikes there always include swimming. As its a ‘Wilderness Area’ you can camp anywhere and there are many hidden pools unknown to the normal hiker. Of course De Hel, is the most magnificent, but the others you can camp next to…, there is also an incredible unknown day kloofing trip there. (Not to be disclosed here…)
As a MCSA member, when Bains Kloof opens, you could consider SpringsStuigsbeukel. Your 3 hour walk in, would be full of swimming. The ridge at the top makes a great camping spot, and there are many pools and waterfalls near by. (Not massive but beautiful and great for a dip) Its an underated place. You could climb Haelhoek Sneeukop in the middle day of a 3 day trip, with a light pack, returning to your campsite.
There are hidden options in the Northern Cederberg with medium pools. Heat in the Cederberg fits in to its own category though. When you start to hit the 40+ degree position long hikes are out of the question. The only way to do it then is to wild camp close to a pool, and do day hikes between 5am and 11am coming back to your campsite for a day next to a pool. For more detail email me

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Some amazing info, thank you Tony!