Taped seems on hiking tent

I have a old K-way hiking tent great condition but the seems need to be re-taped .Nobody seems keen to assist they all suggest the various sealing spray on solutions .I still feel having the seems retaped would be better any ideas?

Have you tried taking it back to Cape Union Mart to send it in for repairs?
I did it with my old K-way and they fixed it for me in a few weeks free of charge.
Depending on the nature of the damage, they might charge you. But try - you never know…

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Hi they did not seem very keen to assist this time hence why I am looking for an alternative in the southern suburbs .

if you’re willing to do a DIY job look at a seam sealant? I know McNett Seam Grip has a good reputation in the States. Locally something like this:

I haven’t been able to find the seem sealing tape the manufacturers use in SA. I’m sure its somewhere, but nowhere obvious.

An alternative to seem sealer is plain aquarium grade silicon (or at least without additives such as fungicide, etc.). Most tents in the states, etc, these days use silicon for waterproofing anyway. Its pretty robust stuff if it can penetrate the nylon weave. Just dilute it with thinners so its the consistency of syrup and paint it on where needed. Youtube DIY silnylon to get a better idea.

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great will look for it how do you apply it?

HI Chris

I haven’t used it myself; I’m sure there will be instructions on / with the packaging.

Hope it works well!