Tarp shelters

.BEFORE YOU START I DO OWN A TENT AND HAMMOCK :joy::joy::joy:please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on Tarp shelters https://youtu.be/lIvWt_Jit2o, https://youtu.be/1UYcEwDC0es, https://youtu.be/rBYBQ4BeOIc,Tarp workshops part 1/2/3

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I imagine they would be aimed at dry weather camping where there are no creepy-crawlies of any variation?

That does limit matters ever so slightly, doesn’t it?

Or am I simply being a WUSS?:joy:

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tarp A frame with bug net attached to hiking poles, Rain and wind ,pitch Tarp lower and fold groundsheet under itself,so water don’t pool Or flood your sleeping area