Tarp shelters

.BEFORE YOU START I DO OWN A TENT AND HAMMOCK :joy::joy::joy:please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on Tarp shelters Tarp workshop lesson #1. Using stakes, guylines, tie outs with or without hardware - YouTube, Tarp workshop lesson #2. Shaping your tarp. - YouTube, Ground sheet, bivi bag, nothing? What goes under a tarp? - YouTube workshops part 1/2/3


I imagine they would be aimed at dry weather camping where there are no creepy-crawlies of any variation?

That does limit matters ever so slightly, doesn’t it?

Or am I simply being a WUSS?:joy:

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tarp A frame with bug net attached to hiking poles, Rain and wind ,pitch Tarp lower and fold groundsheet under itself,so water don’t pool Or flood your sleeping area

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I’m looking to buy a tarp - any recommendations for one that is moderately priced, lightweight and waterproof? :pray:t4:

The ones I come across that are 500gr or less tend to be quite pricey. I know that’s often the case with ultralight gear, but I’m still holding out hope! :crossed_fingers:t4:

You’d have to state a budget, I guess.

Try looking at tarps for hammocks. First Ascent do one. Also Ticket to the Moon. Maybe that’s a way to go. Sea to Summit also do, but their prices are higher.

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Thanks, Carl! I was thinking definitely under R1000 and closer to R500 if possible. Thanks for the tip re: hammocks. It led me to one by First Ascent that’s R630 and 600grams. I’d prefer a square one, but this one ticks most boxes, including size (it’s 2 x 3.2m), so I might just have a winner :slight_smile:

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The link First Ascent link, for those interested

And here’s one by City Rock - even better priced but a wee bit smaller at 2.2x2.2m

Also this…
2 sizes, with eyelets and baggy:

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