Tech Moderator Turned Trailblazer: Embracing Nature, Photography, and Hiking Adventures

Hi all,

Glad to be here, I am quite a fan of forums-specific hobbies and this is also where I get in my reading.

I am a forum moderator on one of the most popular tech classified forums in South Africa:

I only recently got in the hiking, end of 2023 we decided to tackle a multi-day in Cederberg starting in Alegria and ending in Sanddrif. Although this was torture (we went over New Year in December) the bug bit me and now I try to go hike every weekend.

Being a developer, I love getting out in nature to detox. I am a passionate photographer and try to capture each hiking trip we go on.

For those interested:
My Photography

Looking forward to learning tips to improve my hiking/gear.

Find your trail, embrace the journey

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