fellow hikers. I am doing my 1st tented hike in the Drakensburg in mid June. am planning to rent the Vango Nevis 100 but I am not sure if it will be adequate to keep the cold out and strong enough to withstand strong winds. Has anyone used this tent before in the Drakensburg during winter. Any advice will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance

When I saw “Tent” as the topic, as opposed to “tents” or something similar, I thought you were talking about the peak at Lotheni. Although I did get the Drakensberg part right.

I own one of those and have used it on top of the Drakensberg a few times. In a big storm last September, the door unzipped itself multiple times during the night, so water kept coming in. It also kept collapsing on me during the night. This tent isn’t suitable for the top of the Drakensberg. Try to get something a bit more substantial.

Sounds like the pegs gave up?

Structurally the tent relies heavily on the pegs, as there’s no pole along the length of the tent. Because of the movement in strong winds, the guy rope fasteners slipped and de-tensioned the ends. If I recall correctly, all pegs were still in the ground the following morning. The last thing you want to do at 1am is jump out of your tent in a thunderstorm and fix the guy ropes. I barely slept that night, it was not fun.

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Bought myself the Wild Country (Terra Nova) Helm 2 and never looked back.