The Kruger Trail 2 spaces 2nd July 2023

Cant believe the journey to walk the length of the Kruger is coming to an end.

Walking from the Lower Sabie Restcamp to Croc bridge meeting on Sunday 2nd July 2023 walking from the third to Saturday the 8th

If you’re interested in this off trail experience get in touch
The Sabie region is noted for its abundance of game and sets the cornerstone for the stories making up Jock of the Bushveld

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I am interested. Please send info to
Kind regards

Morning. I am interested. Please send info to Is this for the entire Kruger trail or just one leg of the trail? Cost?

@Anita and @IzakGreyling I’ll come back to you via email but for the sake of transparency…

There are probably two spots available on the stretch walking out of Lower Sabie towards Afsal then along the Biyamiti river drainage area and down to the Malelane bridge over the Crocodile river

It’s about 85km walking over the 6 days at a relatively relaxed pace definitely the shortest of all the legs.

Accommodation (camping) on Sunday 2nd and Saturday 8th July is included R10,900pp
Kruger Conservation fees and the transport is not.

Just come off the trail so still catching up, but if you’ve read about a guide being taken by a Croc and surviving - it was a week before us on that last leg - we had their second rifle as our lead rifle who showed us the spot (really really stupid place to go fetch water considering there was a sensible place 20m away) and gave us a first hand account of things from an observers perspective.

Walking in the Sabie riverine grasslands touching 2km from the Mozambique border we had incredible sightings on foot including a Rhino sleeping not 40m from our tents, Lion in daylight (and unseen but heard mist nights) so many Ellie’s not to leave out a great many other things.

How privileged it is to have freedom in the park to walk unencumbered by the rules people in vehicles have to adhere to….

This is my last stretch on and with the last auction prices now going for nearly a quarter of a million rand each and rising year on year I’ll not be doing it again.

My personal opinion - if you can afford it - drop everything and do it.

Owing to cancellations 1/2 price now Three spaces remaining R5000 each