The Unofficial Hiker

Hi members

Id like to say hi to every one on the forum by introducing my self.

i’m a Photojournalist, part of the few left in the country.

Being a photojournalist it has taken me to all sorts of places across this wonderful country in pursuit of pictures.

I often find my self in hiking like situations, though mostly with a heavy bag of equipment.
Sometimes i’d be climbing up mountains to get views of an area. Trekking through a mountain dessert finding plants that are about to go extinct due to climate change, Or scrambling up dumps to show the destruction of a landscape, sometimes find myself walking through valleys to get to villages that cannot be accessed by vehicles or that are under threat by mining or trying to find the source of pollution emitted by awful industries.

Its this dualistic bittersweet nature of life, seeing the beauty of nature and the ugliness of humans.

Oddly enough i’ve never really hiked for leisure purposes or at least in the sense that every one else does here, which seems really cool though I’ve often felt like a real hiker of life. I love nature the quietness, sense of being as well as its perfectly imperfect beauty.

I’m hoping to start hiking to have a different experience, one where there isn’t a work goal attached to a destination and mostly to learn from all of you guys.
I also don’t want to find my self one day regretting my desires or not having done the things I hoped to do in life.
As one gets older certain things start to become reality where the body isn’t as capable as when it once was.
I don’t want to loose those opportunities or miss out on the experience of being alive.
There’s a few trails that I want to do and places I want to visit, we have such a beautiful country, Right?

So here’s me saying hi to every one and a thank you for such an amazing forum and for the beautiful souls that make this community what it is.


Lovely intro! Welcome @Delwynv

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Hi Delwyn

Why is that? Curious.