Top 3 non-essential hiking gear items

Other than the essentials like boots/shoes, backpack, tent, etc. What are your top 3 non-essential hiking gear items? The 3 items that improve your hiking experience everytime, but you won’t die if you forgot them.

My top 3 are:

  • GSI Personal Javapress - Good coffee, no matter where I am.
  • Sea to Summit Pocket Trowel - Dig a proper whole, even in the most gravelly soil.
  • Stanley Adventure Pocket Flask 354ml - Being able to have a sip of whiskey, in the middle of nowhere, under a starry sky, is a real treat!

Like yours Arno but would also add;

Head torch - just in case you have an epic - I had 3 hours walking in the pitch darkness of the Yorkshire Dales on Saturday and would have been in serious trouble without this!

Also blister plasters - say no more

And pain killers - ditto!


I can totally see you popping a Myprodol at the end of the day with the same satisfaction as a cold drink :joy:
I consider headlamps essential and blister plaster are always a part of my first-aid kit (also essential). That being said, I might add my Injinji liner toe socks to the list! Zero blisters wearing those puppies :wink::+1:


Mine are: an electric razor, coffee filter and ground coffee rather than instant and Enerjellies (rocket fuel for me or anyone else reaching the “leave me here to die” stage :wink:


5m of para-cord, Opinel No.12 Explore (as i carry another knife, this one is just awesome) and a 8x21 roof prism binocular! :

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I rate a headlamp and trowel are absolutely essential. I use my headlamp on many hikes - I finish in the dark fairly often, even when that wasn’t the plan (cough, cough, last Saturday). A trowel is important from the aspect of leaving no trace.

Hmmm - top non-essential items:

  • Camera
  • GPS, not always non-essential, but on routes I have done many times before, I often just use it for statistical purposes
  • An air mattress for sleeping, I guess out of winter this is non-essential, but a good night sleep helps a lot.

Context: I leave my gloves at home outside of winter to make sure my pack is nice and light.


Camp shoes