Tracking poles

Hi guys
I’m looking for a pair of 2nd hand tracking poles.

A friend of mine has just started hiking. Money’s tight. Especially now.
If anyone’s interested in selling, please drop me a message. We’re both in Pretoria.

Thnx and happy hiking!

If you don’t come right and need to save cash consider bamboo. I can many list reasons why if friend is flexible…

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Hi Carl,
Please tell us more? What do you mean bamboo? Where can she buy some?

Bamboo. Like a reed. See images…

It’s light, strong and free. You can also use them to clear a path of brambles or stinging nettles, grass etc. Grip on terrain is average. And if you don’t like em chuck em.

Trekking poles are better for use on wet rocky areas as tips grip fantastically and great coz they fold up/shrink. they do however make a clickety-clack noise and the adjustment points often snag in long grass.

Look around your neighbourhood, there’s always some growing somewhere, ask the owner for two or three shoots of choice…grows like a weed. Cut below a node at the bottom and above a node at the top to prevent splitting. Use a fine toothed saw or carving knife. If no success in yr hood we have some growing outside our house, I have been chopping it out though and pickings are slim. Still, it’s an option…

I have trek-poles but used bamboo and actual walking sticks for years, tone your arms and in many ways I prefer them as you can hold them anywhere whilst clambering up/down slopes. They are tougher than trekking poles too. Trekking poles do have many advantages though. I only add all this because if your friend wants to save dosh and spend it rather on a good pack, sleeping bag etc this is one way to put off the expenditure.