Travel Insurance for medical evacuation from FRC

Good day,

We are a group of 17 that will be doing the FRC Hike on the 6th of August 2023.

Can anybody please recommend a travel insurer that covers medical evacuation from the Fish River Canyon?
Travel insurance Consultants does not cover the Fish river canyon hike, and it is clearly excluded in their policy.

Hi! We recently did Island peak in Nepal that is also not covered by their normal policy but we emailed one of the consultants and they added it for us for an extra fee.

Thank you very much, Susan.

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

After my post, I did some more research and, for info of other hikers too.TIC was specifically asked about it, and the reponse was that they did covered the FRC in the past but not anymore.

SATIB, in short, cover the medical evac and the 1st 24hrs of medical care.Afterwards your own medical or travel insurance must continue with expenses.

Bryte cover the medical evac for the FRC, with certain plan options that you can choose from, as well as insurance on other issues during travel.

One can go and check for your self what suits you the best, as there are a few companies that can assist.

Thanks for the info!!