Travel insurance that covers remote rescue

Hi all!

I’m hiking the Fish with a group in a couple of weeks and trying figuring out travel insurance for folks. It seems like they are a lot of fairly similar options, and I can find some that are happy covering remotish hikes which is great. But they all get very vague in their terms about if they cover remote rescue, and I would rather not have to be paying helicopter call out fees :man_facepalming:

Next step is phoning around, but thought I would first ask if anyone has recommendations or experience with this before I sit on hold with a bunch of call centers. Any help would be much appreciated.

Maybe phone your broker and find out if your medical aid covers rescue in a neighboring country.
If not, task said broker to find suitable insurance for you.

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Thanks Philip, that’s probably the way to do it. Medical aid was pretty vague when I spoke to them, but if it is useful to anyone else I found Allianz Travel says they cover air rescues if needed and they count hiking at below 4500m and less than 15 miles a day as within policy.