Tugela Falls, Sentinel Peak 3-Day Hike Suggestions?

Does anyone maybe have a trail suggestion near or including Tugela Falls, Sentinel Peak that can be done in 3 days over a long weekend?

To clarify - Sentinel Peak requires rock climbing, so I assume you mean the Chain Ladders. If you are starting from Sentinel Car Park, getting to the top of Tugela Falls isn’t very far. If you want to do a 3 day hike, I’d suggest heading out to Ifidi Cave area. The cave itself is tricky to find if you don’t know where to look, but is a really awesome spot.

I assume you are familiar with the usual Drakensberg protocol - making sure your tent is good enough (i.e. nothing bought at Makro), the fact that temperatures can reach sub zero even in summer, risks of rain and thunderstorms, safety protocols etc. If not - please feel free to ask.

Be aware of safety issues in the area - this thread on VE is usually up to date on the do’s and don’ts of that area: