Tugela Gorge hike

Good day everyone

I have always loved doing the Tugela gorge hiking and was wondering from the collection of my fellow hikers’ knowledge if it is possible to hike to the basin of Tugela falls?

I have done the hike 4 times already and each time just only made it past the cave and ladder part and believe the footpath ends there but would it be possible to follow the river upstream to get closer to the actual falls itself?

I am aware that it is possibly dangerous and a long walk there but just curious how far anyone has gone in the gorge and closer to the falls?

Thanks in advance for all your stories and advice, appreciate it.

If you walk through the gorge and follow the river, you will get to the bottom of the falls/ start of the river.

If you do the Sentinel/ chain-ladder hike that takes you to the top of the falls.

The height difference from the top to the bottom is ±980m of vertical rock - this is the Amphitheatre. I don’t know how close you’d want to get but it would be quite dangerous.

The walk past the ladder ascends quite a bit to a view point but doesn’t lead ‘somewhere’ to my knowledge.

Keep in mind:

These last 3-4 months has seen the most rainfall in the Drakensberg in the last 20 years. Rivers are fast flowing and rocks are much more slippery.

Thank you for your reply Caliph

Appreciate the feedback, looking to go visit the Drakensberg for that very reason as it must be so lush and green because of all the rain.

I will see if I even get the chance to go.