Water purification

Water purification on our hiking/kayaking/bushcraft trips,see photos.we pre filter water with a milbag(military bag),then saywer mini followed with dischem carbon water bottle filter (carbon for any chemicals and poisons)for storage we use the MSR Dromedary 10 liter bag

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Thorough :ok_hand:

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Hi Paul, love the inspiration (particularly the dromedary bag)
Frustratingly I cant find the Dischem personal filters online
One thing I do is separate dirty from clean water throughout.

I pulled off the Shower rose from the Summit to Sea 10l camp shower
Added a 3cm “snorkel” inside the bag (to prevent heavy sediment entering)
Added a source quick disconnect clip to the bottom of the bag
I fit the Sawyer mini filter to the bottom of a 1m hose, with an inline basic on/off pull (green) “tap” at the end of another length of hose
Then gravity feed 10L of water at a rate of about 1l per minute. 84c7ef84-54fe-4443-a433-3e1aa027ed71
I add the salvia drops to the drinking water 3 drops per litre.

This is the most energy efficient method Ive found to get clean water. I do have a old hand action charcoal filter pump too, but Ive not used it since instituting the gravity feed method.
It is very light coming in at 274g including the carry case.

This has worked for me in wilderness areas away from mining and human settlements where the only pollutant issues are animal and sediment related.

If I were going into lower lying areas then the charcoal filtration makes sound sense

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If you can find one I have had good luck moving from the sawyer mini to the squeeze, flow rate jumped a lot in a gravity filter setup.

I’m using the aqua/one water purification drops from Cape Union as a double up backup. But to be honest I’m still pretty dubious about them. They seem to be based around silver salts which I realize is an actual thing, but whenever I dig into it the information around its effectiveness/safety it seems sparse. Just a bit suspicious that we have access to something that by all info they give is amazingly effective, and it doesn’t seem to be used anywhere else in the world :thinking:

A longer hose speeds up the gravity feed. I figured 10l in 10 minutes is about right whilst you’re jostling around with filling up bladders pots and bottles at the same time as putting up the tent.

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Morning just phone dischem Careline on 0860347243 and give the bar code which is 6009542503257;I phoned to confirm stock in my area Dischem Princess Crossing has 21 units (2pack) in stock.there is a second option which can be puchased at Clicks pharmacies.i will attach photos.

hope you sorted,just shout if need more info on charcoal/carbon filtration

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dromedary bag we put on top(inside bag) of our backpacks or kayaks,then just carry a First Ascent 1 lt metal single wall(metal bottle doubles for boiling water/disinfecting emergency only) on open flame);crystal carbon filters fit in store water bottles (valpre,aquelle etc)the plastic packaging on filter use it to seal mouth of bottle if the mouth of water bottle to big

highly adsorbent charcoal in its shaft to remove chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and organic pollutants from water.

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image just fold MSR double to fit size of amount of water you carry;MSR beats blabbers by far

Thanks Paul,

As I say only necessary where theres agricultural or mining interference on lower lying stretches of water.

If you want a blow-your-mind article stemming back to the 1851 for water purification etc, have a read of this document Its a failed partnership I tried to get off the ground -I might have to relook at it.

Power_for_Life.pdf (868.6 KB)

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Thanks Paul very comprehensive. I always keep a carbon filter close during my travels or hiking should I run out of water.