Waterfall bluff

Hi im looking for info with regards to day hikes in the wild coast. Very keen to see waterfall bluff but not much time available so unable to do the 28km hike from mbotyi. Is there perhaps a shorter route available? Would appreciate any feedback on the area please. Thanks!

HI Mariam
I’m not very familiar with the area, but looking on google earth it seems that Lupatana camp is closer. From what I can gather the road to get to Lupatana is not great and hence it may be better to get to the waterfall from Mbotyi.
Perhaps google some guides that operate in the area and get on-the-ground information?

Seeing that the hike from Mobti is the way most people do it I would think that it is the quickest option available though.

The shortest walk is from Lupatana but you will need a 4x4 to get there or at least a bakkie or SUV with high clearance. A Slingsby map will be of great vallue to locate the waterfall and Cathedral rock. There is /was guides available at the Mboyti hotel, perhaps you should get information on that as you can easily miss the spots. It is absolutely beautiful!

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Hi Mariam,

i did this hike from Mbotyi in April. It is a full day’s hiking but definitely worth it. I would recommend arranging it through Mbotyi, as they can also provide a guide (which i would recommend, whichever way you want to get there). Besides that, accommodation at Mbotyi is very reasonable and includes meals. There are also other falls in the area, and of these i would really recommend Magwa falls (check out my gallery on instagram @merlinwilsenach). Mbotyi will also help you with directions to these falls.


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