West hikers website

Just want to find out if anyone has used westhikers and is it legit, doesn’t seem like there any external reviews comments

West Hikers this Luke? Haven’t used them but would be a bit suspicious, not necessarily a scam but they don’t list a location at all and they are just picking up your location settings for currencies and adjusting, so assuming not local. So you are likely to still be paying a fair amount on shipping and import.

What are you after? Because that largely looks like they are just reselling Aliexpress Chinese products, and I would guess with a cursory glance you could just order straight from there for a lot less. With Ali you can at least get good reviews and an idea of the seller.

Paypal is always your friend for this sort of stuff though, they will just refund you if there are any problems.

Hi Jax, yes that site. Thanks so much for the info I agree! I’m mainly looking for that special space blanket and mattress. I’ll have a look on Ali and see if they have :blush:

No problem! The matress looks like it is a generic, you can grab the Naturehike equivalent locally for the same price. They have been good reps to deal with in my experience. I would just give it some thought if you plan to use it in colder weather though. None of them state the R value of the pad, and if it is just a straight air mat I would guess about R1. Which will be pretty cold in winter.

The bivy you can get local equivalents through Lifesystems or SOL (Survive outdoors longer) who you might need to try the Adventureinc folks to find stock on. No experience with bivies and not sure your use case, but wouldn’t want to try use or repack one of those outside of an emergency emergency :grimacing: I know every so often they come up as a lightweight replacement for groundsheets, and then turn out to be not so robust.