Whale Trail in June


Has anyone done the Whale Trail in June/winter? I’m trying to decide whether the weather that time of year will make the trail less enjoyable (and so much so that we should rather postpone our hike to 2021 when there are more dates available).


Hi there,
Have you done the Whale trail yet? I’m hoping to go in Summer/Jan /Feb 2021.
Is like to know if you need to go with someone whose done it before, or if it is well marked enough to do with first timers (who have done other hikes). Also, would you suggest taking more than 2 men?

Hi there! Did you end up going in winter? Our trip is coming up and we are keeping toes and fingers crossed for sunny winter days!

We’re going next month and eeeeek I’m hoping the weather is not too crazy hot… Lots of swimming on the cards… And so excited :grin:

Hello guys,
Is it possible and safe to do whale trail with 2 persons unsupported? I only saw slackpacking offers ( that is not really our favourite, like to be independent on the track).
Would like to go november this year. Alternatively maybe the oystercatcher trail. Or are there other nice sea-lokated overnight hikes?

Hi Sonja,
From what I understand the Whale Trail is either a 6 or 12 people package deal. So less than 6 will still pay for 6. You can verify if this is still set so. The portage is charged per portage box, so if you don’t make use of these boxes, you could probably go without portage.

Thank you for the information. Have a nice hiking season!

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