What happened to K-way tents?

Haven’t seen them on Cape Union Mart’s website in a long time.

Did they put all their resources into making puffy jackets? :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like still have “cap camping” tents available: https://www.capeunionmart.co.za/c/gear-camping-tents/

Their Nerolite tents were actually pretty good. Sad that they’re no-longer available. Might be able to find old stock at some of their stores.

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Yeah it’s just the one, and no hiking tents. Very sad. I guess they decided to focus on clothing instead.

I still have my Nerolite 2, it’s still going strong.

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My first tent was a K-Way Treklite. On my first GT I found it was wet inside almost every day, even if it wasn’t wet outside. Then on day 7 the person I was sharing it with lost their half of the tent and that was the last time I used a K-Way tent. I believe the Nerolite was a big improvement on the old Treklite,
but it did make me very wary of K-Way tents.

I’ve been using a 360 Degree Cool Mountain 2 since then - which was sadly discontinued about 7 years ago. They were rebranded overruns of a very good American tent, and were actually really well priced. When they discontinued them, I bought a second one for spares. Mine has survived numerous hail storms, really strong wind, rain etc., and the only time it has failed was on top of the Amphitheatre in 2020 when we had 14 hours of rain, and the spot I pitched the tent on became a marsh - with water coming in through a hole in the bottom of the tent. Never had a leak through the top.

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Hi Peeps, anyone know where i can still buy a flysheet for a KWay Annapurna 3-person tent? or even who can make it? This tent were discontinued a while back already.
Please let me know. my email is gavincstephens@gmail.com.