What’s your favorite gear item or Tech piece?

We all have that one piece of gear that we absolutely love and brag about every time we hit the trail.

Mine is my GPS watch, my Suunto Traverse Alpha!

What yours?

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I’ve been eyeing that watch for a while. Nice to hear you’re happy with it. How’s the battery life with GPS on?

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i’m busy formulating a review that i will send to you shortly. Perhaps we can add the review to the forum?

To answer your question, the watch itself has three GPS modes which can allow for a GPS battery life of 100H. It charges via a USB clip so you can recharge it via a power-bank if need be


Any tent fetish support groups out there?:joy:

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Sign me up! I had 10 tabs open yesterday - ALL TENTS :joy:

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Arno, you and I can DEFINITELY be friends!!:joy::joy:

I’m very impressed with my MSR Windburner. It boils water super quickly, uses very little fuel and is really windproof. I bought the optional plunger kit so I can make good coffee on the go. We used it December and January in Eastern Europe and it was ideal for quick coffee breaks.


Definitely! Send that review :wink::+1: